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Family Reunion Season 3: What We Know So Far!!

Family Reunion Season 3

Family Reunion Season 3 is being highly anticipated by the fans of this Netflix series. The first season of this series premiered on July 2019 and the second season aired in January 2020. And now we are eagerly waiting for the upcoming season.

Family Reunion Season 3: When Will It Premiere?

Family Reunion Season 3

Well, the previous season was aired in January 2020 and left us craving for another season. Although the makers have already announced that we are going to get another season of this amazing series but they have not announced any release date.

Family Reunion Season 3 is still in the pre-production phase. As things had come to a halt due to the sudden pandemic outbreak. Therefore till now, we don’t have any confirmed news on whether the shooting of the upcoming season has begun or not. It seems like we need to make a long wait until we get another season.

But as per sources if things go well then the production work might resume by the end of 2020. And if that happens we can expect Family Reunion Season 3 to hit the screens by the end of 2021.

Family Reunion Season 3: What To Be Expected?

The African-American satire web series revolves around a family aka. McKellan family and their struggles after moving to a new city. In the previous season, we saw that the family moved to Georgia and are facing a lot of difficulties in coping up with certain things.

Family Reunion Season 3

So in the upcoming season, we can expect to witness some more of the family’s struggling to the new environment. Also, it will be great to see if their children like the new school in Georgia or will they throw tantrums all around. Apart from that, we can also expect some characters to make an entry in the upcoming season only if the family can get along with their new neighbours!

Therefore it will be interesting to watch how the McKellan family survives in the new city. As for the cast member, all the actors playing the pivotal characters are expected to return.  Thus we can expect Jordyn Raya, Loretta Devine, Telma Hopkins, Spear Alexander. etc to grace our screens once again in Family Reunion Season 3.

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