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Farmers damaged 1500 mobile towers in Punjab


Farmers protest is taking a very different change, the situation is getting worse day after day. Over 1500 of Reliance Jio’s 9,000 telecom towers are damaged by the farmers who are protesting. The spokesperson of Telecom gave this statement that they tried to damage the towers by hitting those and power disruption or theft of generator.

Amarinder Singh who is the Chief Minister has issued a stern warning against vandalisation of mobile towers and disruption of telecom services in the state, on the other hand he has also asked the local police to do strict investigation of this case.


From last few weeks the farmers are very much engaged in these kind of works. Very recently they snapping power supply, cutting cables of telecom towers and damaging infrastructure of the firm owned by Mukesh Ambani. Their anger towards the reliance is increasing day after day.

Recently in Jalandhar a same incident took place, The farmers burnt some bundles of Jio’s fibre cable. Videos of Jio employees being threatened and made to flee have been widely circulated. The local police also did not take care of the case properly. The perpetrators are still free.


The farmers are very angery their level of patience is going down now. Their brothers are fighting in Delhi and the outcome of their protest is not visible at all. The government is not taking nay concur decision. The law passed by the government of India that has changed the whole scenario of the country, so many farmers are not happy with this decision and they are demanding now that the government should withdraw the law.

From last one month all the farmers protest is going on at the Singhu border, and now we can see that so many people are coming out for their shell to support the farmers. Different people have showed their support from different ways.


Before few days a news was trending over social media that a groom from Haryana’s Karnal denied to use his favourite and luxuries car and instead of that he took a tractor and rode to his wedding venue. And this was to show respect and a ways to show that he is also supporting the farmers protest.

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