Farmers next meeting on 9 December


Farmers protests are going on, they do not backup until they get what they are asking. The scenario is being crucial day after day. The protest which is now going on delhi, the protesters have given a name to this protest which is ‘Dilli Chalo’.

Before this protest they had three meetings with the government but there was no result of the meeting. ANd just after that the farmers decided that they are going to do this protest in Delhi.


It is reported that on 9 December there is going to be a new meeting. Rakesh Tikait who is the president of Bharatiya Kisan Union have given a announcement that on 8 December there will be Bharat Bandh. It has been learnt that the government side sought some more time to come up with some concrete proposals to which the farmers’ leaders agreed.


The protesters started the protest on 26 November and before that they had two meetings on this issue, the meetings have recorded some developments as the farmers have accepted the government’s standpoint on minimum support price that MSPs won’t be done away with.

The government has said that they are agree with the proper registration of traders. Till here the situation was under control but after this the farmers says that they want the complete withdrawal of all the three laws. And to talk on this note there is meeting with the farmers 0n 9 December.

Ghazipur: Police barricades put up barricades at the Delhi-UP border near Ghazipur to prevent protesting farmers from reaching the national capital, on Sep 21, 2019. The farmers demand payment of sugarcane crop dues, full loan waiver and making electricity used in farming free. (Photo: IANS)

Rakesh Tikait the president of Bharatiya Kisan Union have announced that the government is going to prepare a new draft and on the basis of that the future actions would be decided. But they have also said that the Bharat Bandh is non-negotiable.

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