Farmers protest gets support from an old woman

Farmers protest

Farmers protest has become a very big issue in our country right now. A old lady who is 62 years old comes by driving to support the farmers to the Singhu border. She showed her love and support to those people who are fighting for their right from last one month.

There was six old lady in a jeep who came to support their protesting brothers for their rights. Sources says that the lady who was driving the Jeep she was 62 years old.

Farmers protest

The law passed by the government of India that has changed the whole scenario of the country, so many farmers are not happy with this decision and they are demanding now that the government should withdraw the law.

From last one month all the farmers protest is going on at the Singhu border, and now we can see that so many people are coming out for their shell to support the farmers. Different people have showed their support from different ways.

Before few days a news was trending over social media that a groom from Haryana’s Karnal denied to use his favourite and luxuries car and instead of that he took a tractor and rode to his wedding venue. And this was to show respect and a ways to show that he is also supporting the farmers protest.

Farmers protest

On the other hand over the social media there a thousand pictures are going viral about the farmers protest and so many people are sharing their thoughts and opinion over these platforms.

The pictures of these old ladies went viral over social media in a very short period of time. The lady who was driving her name is Manjeet Kaur. It is said that she drove around 250 km from her home in Patiala to join protesting farmers at Delhi’s Singhu border.

The latest picture to have caught netizens’ fancy shows a 62-year-old woman, Manjeet Kaur. She reportedly drove 250 km from her home in Patiala to join protesting farmers at Delhi’s Singhu border.

Farmers protest

Kisan Ekta Morcha who are the main backbone of the farmers protest updated the picture of these ladies on their official twitter account.

The picture made a sensation over all social media sites, so many people commented, liked and shared the post. And on the other hand some mainstream people like  Diljit Dosanjh and Taapsee Pannu have also shared this picture.

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