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Farmers To Block Railways As A Mark Of Protest on 18 Feb


Farmers protest is taking an intense turn day by day. With every passing hour, the farmer’s demands to withdraw the farm bill is getting firmer.

‘Rail Roko’ By Farmers On February 18


After the passing of the three farm laws, Indian farmers have been agitating against it. The capital city of Delhi has been the hub of these protests since day one.

Farmers from Punjab, Harayana, Madhya Pradesh and Haryana are all standing strongly in opposing the farm bill. From calling bandhs to violent acts, we have witnessed almost everything within these few months.


The government is not ready to negotiate and our farmers are not ready to give up either. And now with the support of many, the farmers have decided to go for an intense protest. So as per the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, there will be a Rail Roko Protest on February 18.

On that day the farmers will block railway tracks for at least four hours as a sign of protest.

Intense Protest From February 12

The series pf protests will start way before February 18.  On 12 February the protesters will free toll gates in different states and on February 14 there will be a candle march. Through that march not only they will protest against the bill but will also honour the Pulwama martyrs.

Recently Prime Minister Of Indian Narendra Modi has given a very cryptic statement about the ongoing protests. He said that he understands the core of the protests but with that, he also understands who wants peaceful protests and who wants to ruin the harmony of the country.


He added that people are still to understand a lot about the development in the agricultural sector and the fact that we need single law or bill on farming in the entire country. His statement on this sensitive issue did not go well with the opposition and thus Modi has earned immense criticism for his comments.

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