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Fastweb launches 5G-enabled home broadband

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Fastweb is about make our lives much more easier. Fastweb is a Italian telecommunications operator, they are going to launch a new 5G powered home broadband. This is going to make the life of people very nice. It is said that the product is going to powered Qualcomm.


Qualcomm is one of the most leading wireless technology innovator. It is one of the most famous in all over the world. Fastweb is so growing and has a lot of customers. If we will calculate the customers 2.7 million wireline. They are do have around 1.8 million mobile customers as well.

These companies are growing day by day very nicely, they have a fibre-optic network infrastructure of 50,500 kilometres and aim to develop even further.


European telecom companies doing their market very nicely, people are so into these things. The companies s are moving towards the adaptation; of 5G-supported devices so that they can compete in the future which is bound to run by 5G technologies.

The company has made such an good announcement 5G mm wave based fixed wireless access (FWA) as services for customers. The customers are going to be very happy with this decision.


The chief technology officer Andrea Lasagna said that they are very much happy and satisfied that have collaborated with the company called Qualcomm Technologies. They added that the company has helped them a lot in terms of finding out the best technological solution to offer our service.

The company has said that they are going to maintain very high quality internet connectivity and the rang is also going to increase this time.It is going to help Fastweb to get more and more customers. the company has said that they are planninng to launch this network in 50 cities at first.

They might increase the number of cities later on but as of now they have said this only.

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