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First female astronaut to land on the moon by the end of 2024

Now humans are going to be on the moon again, NASA has planned to send humans to the moon for the first time since 1972.  NASA has announced that it plans to land the first female and one male astronaut on the moon in 2024.  NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said that we are going to the moon again to give scientific discovery, economic benefits and to inspire a new generation of explorers.

An ambitious project for Donald trump

There is an election on 3 November in America. Even before that, the Congress has stepped up efforts to approve this project. President Donald Trump said that he would be happy to see humans step on the moon again. An amount of 28 billion dollars will be drawn from the budget between 2021 and2025.

Political pressure on Nasa

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine interacted with reporters over the phone. He said that there is always political pressure on NASA, especially during the election time, NASA had made a program to go to the moon earlier, but Barack Obama canceled this mission during his presidential rule. At the same time, Donald Trump is agreeing to spend several billion dollars on this mission.

According to the news agency, the project will cost around $28 billion.  The budget needs approval from the US Congress for this expenditure.  President Donald Trump has expressed his desire for a mission to the moon.  Bridenstine said that NASA is in the right direction of landing on the moon in 2024, if the US Congress approves $ 3.2 billion before Christmas, we will be able to carry out our mission to the moon.

The name of this mission is Artemis and it will take place in several stages.  The first phase will begin in November 2021 from the unmanned Orion spacecraft.  In the second and third phases of the mission, the astronauts will revolve around the moon and land on the moon’s surface.  Like the Apollo 11 mission, the Artemis mission will also last for a week and during that time, Astronaut will work on the lunar surface for a week.  In 1969, Astronaut landed on the moon for the first time under the Apollo 11 mission.  The Artemis mission will be longer than the Apollo 11mission and will have close to five extracurricular activities.

According to NASA, the landing of the spacecraft at the uncharted south pole of the moon. Bridenstine said that nothing else has been discussed.  They have rejected the possibility of new astronauts landing on the lunar equator under the Apollo 11 mission in the same way that the earlier astronauts had landed.  Bridenstine said that under this mission, a whole new kind of things will be discovered, the scientific work we will do on the moon will be very different from the work done in the first mission.  During the Apollo mission, we used to think that the moon is dry but now we know that there is a huge amount of water at the south pole of the moon.  Projects are currently underway to construct three Lunarlanders, which will carry astronauts.  Lander’s contender is the company of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin Amazon.  The second lander is Elan Musk’s company SpaceX and the third company is named Dynamics.  These three companies are manufacturing the Lunar lander.

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