Four people arrested in Tamil Nadu in loan app scam

four people

Four people are arrested by Tamil nadu Central Crime Branch, who were arranged loan app scam. Tracing the contacts, the CCB team arrested S Manoj Kumar, SK Muthukumar who were running Azacus Techno Solutions Pvt Ltd, Jagadeesh, a distributor for Vodafone, and Sijahudeen, Territory Sales Manager for Vodafone.

four people

The four people are arrested on 2 january. The CBI has got so many things from them which includes 1000 sim cards. From them 2 belongs from China and 2 are from India.

The four were indulge in this work form very long time. The CBI has filed a legal case against them because they were giving sim cards without following the rules and regulations.

four people

These four people were operating all these activities from Bengaluru, they have a call centre out there and around 110 people used to work there. Sources says that they were running 8 different loan apps.

At a side where the world is going forward in terms of technology and innovation but at the same time the crime related to online is also increasing day after day.

four people

The government needs to take care of this situation and should try to stop these kind of activities because it really ruins the life of middle class people.

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