Gaganyaan Space Mission Delayed Due To Pandemic Crisis


The first-ever human space flight in India i.e the Gaganyaan Space Mission has been delayed by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Gaganyaan Space Mission Delayed


The Chairperson of ISRO K Sivan has officially declared that the first human space flight mission of India has been delayed. Sivan has stated that the reason for the delay of the Gaganyaan mission is the Coronavirus pandemic.

K Sivan added that the pandemic has affected several things right and therefore it is not possible to begin the mission as it was scheduled earlier.


He also added that we can expect the first trial unmanned mission to be launched by late 2021 and not before that. Therefore Gaganyaan will have to wait before it actually gets launched as the first human space flight.

ISRO’s Vision with Gaganyaan

ISRO has been working on this mission for years. Three crew members will be sent into the space with India’s first space flight. But before that ISRO has planned to launch two unmanned missions.

The first one had to be launched in December 2020 which got delayed due to the ongoing situation. So before sending the unmanned space flight it will be not possible for the Gaganyaan mission to be launched.


ISRO has also been working on other missions like the Chandrayaan 3, Shukryaan and many others which will prove to be breakthrough for India in the field of space research if they succeed.

As for the human space flight mission, it seems like we cannot expect it to be launched before 2022 at the earliest. 

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