German woman becomes a fitness star on Tiktok

German woman who is 81 years old is nailing on tiktok. She has become role model for so many people. There are thousand people are there who are following her.

The name of the german woman is Erika Rischko. In this old age her spirit is still there and she giving tips to other people on the app. She had posted her first 12-second video on TikTok after Germany went into lockdown last spring in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic. In the clip, Erika Rischko danced the popular Cha-Cha Slide line dance with her husband.

German woman

Till date she has shared over 100 videos on tiktok where is used to do exercise like doing planks and pull-ups with effortless ease, apart from dancing as well.

She says that she is trying to make people encourage so that they will stay fit and healthy. “Move and do something! Don’t just sit in a corner and mope. That’s just the worst,” she told Reuters.

German woman


On the app the german woman has around 125,000 followers. In some of her clips, which her daughter shoots for her, she trains by herself and takes on fitness challenges set by people who are decades younger than her.

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