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Germany refuses to impose lockdown again, to tackle coronavirus rise with simple 3 techniques

simple 3 techniques

Coronavirus cases are started to spike again in Germany. Chancellor Angela Merkel has given a statement promising to avoid another nationwide lockdown in the country. Chancellor refuses to impose a national lockdown as a surge in coronavirus cases started to rise again. Neighbors Europian has got another wave of coronavirus cases after the reopening of economies whereas, In Germany, there are no coronavirus waves in the nation after the region’s economies reopened during the summer. Although, so far it has not seen a surge in cases like Spain, France, and the U.K has seen. Let tell you that the UK has reported almost 7000 cases and 71 deaths from the virus since Tuesday, Germany’s public health body has also reported 2,089 new cases and 11 deaths.

simple 3 techniques

Germany did not start again badly as the first outbreak of the coronavirus as compared to its near countries have started so badly again in spike of COVID-19.

Chancellor Angela Merkel gave simple 3 techniques to tackle coronavirus rise

Chancellor Angela Merkel gave three techniques to tackle with coronavirus rise again in Germany and said they want to act regionally, specifically, and purposefully, rather than shutting down the whole country again will not help them. This must be avoided at all costs. Merkel further said they learned a lot in the first outbreak and did great throughout the summer,” but she has warned that spiking in the cases ahead of the fall and winter seasons were troubling.

simple 3 techniques

To Avoid further lockdowns, she has announced new restrictions, and recreated guidance around social distancing and to increase hygiene as well as a strengthening of the country’s test-and-trace system.

The three techniques given by her is about focusing on existing hygiene and social distancing rules, the testing, and tracing. The most important one is the enhancement of the hotspot of coronavirus.

She also said that only 25 people are allowed to meet at private functions. Individuals can also now be fined 50 euros ($58) if they provide false contact information which will be required for tracing and testing reasons at restaurants and other indoor establishments.

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