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Is GLOW Season 4 Cancelled Or Renewed By Netflix?

GLOW Season 4

GLOW Season 4 has been eagerly anticipated by the fans all thanks to the immense success of the previous seasons. But are we getting another season?

GLOW Season 4: Cancelled Or Renewed?

GLOW Season 4

The third season of this Netflix series was dropped in August 2019. And after that, the series was renewed for another season. But things took a turn when the coronavirus pandemic overpowered the world.

The production for GLOW Season 4 had already started and the makers have revealed that they were done with the shoots of the very first episode. But that is when the shootings were suspended. And with that Netflix also cancelled the series. It means that GLOW Season 4 will not be there!

Netflix decided to cancel the show because of many reasons. The main reason is that this series revolves around wrestling and has more than 20 characters. Therefore portraying the wrestling scene amid the ongoing pandemic with complete precaution would have been very expensive. Also, the production would take a longer time than usual. 

GLOW Season 4

But the fans are demanding Netflix not to cancel the series. Many online petitions are being signed demanding for Glow Season 4. So there are chances that Netflix might reconsider the series after this pandemic situation ends. But these are just mere assumptions. As of now, we know that GLOW Season 4 will not hit the screens sooner or later!

GLOW Season 4: The Need For Another Season

The cancellation of the series was expected. We know that the series revolves around an actress Ruth Wilder who struggles in Los Angeles to find her dream role.

She ends up auditioning for a professional wrestling promotion. And it is known as the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). So after getting selected in the show, she finds out that her former best friend Debbie also starred in the show. Actually, Ruth had an affair with Debbie’s husband whom she divorced later. So throughout the series, we witnessed the catfight between the two ladies.

GLOW Season 4

In the previous season, we saw that all the ladies from GLOW have moved to Los Angeles. But things fall apart when the 15 ladies draw apart till the time they reach their 200th show together. Things are not the same anymore.

Many of them like Tamme, Ruth, Debbie are struggling with their own discomforts and darkness. We saw how Tamme decided never to return to the wrestling ring.  But we surely needed GLOW Season 4 to uncover some more secrets to Debbie’s life. We saw how she became the network, President.

Also, we saw that Ruth is still reluctant to give up acting. And Carmen had announced that she is leaving wrestling for ever. Hence in GLOW Season 4, we would have finally known if Ruth actually got what she wanted. The third season left us struggling with several versions in our minds.

But now as Netflix has cancelled the series, we cannot expect the answers to the questions we were left with after watching the third season of the series.

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