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“Goblin Slayer” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

"Goblin Slayer"

Anime series “Goblin Slayer” gained immense popularity when is first season aired in 2018. The fans have been demanding for the second instalment of this series for two long years. Have the makers considered their demands?

“Goblin Slayer” Season 2: Release Date

"Goblin Slayer"

With the release of its first season, the anime series received huge popularity from the masses. “Goblin Slayer” indeed became one of the most-watched anime series in 2018.

But three years have passed since we did not get a single trace about “Goblin Slayer” Season 2. Has it been cancelled? Should we stop waiting for another season of the series?

"Goblin Slayer"

Well, here we have a piece of good news for all the fans out there! Finally, after three years of anticipation, this anime series has been renewed for a second instalment. This announcement came from the makers on January 31, 2021, during a public event. 

The production is slated to begin soon. Although the makers have not specified the release date yet, looking at the major possibility we can expect the upcoming season to hit the screen by early 2022. 

“Goblin Slayer” Season 2: Plot

As per ancient legends, there have always been wars between humans and goblins. The plot of this series explores this rebellious relationship between goblins and humans.

The first season introduced us with the protagonist of the series aka the goblin slayer. As the series proceeded we saw that his ultimate aim was to destroy goblins. The plot went on becoming interesting when a priestess in introduced in the story. A proper damsel in distress, the priestess is nabbed by some goblins when the slayer rescues us.

"Goblin Slayer"

The slayer and the priestess team up to defeat the goblins who conspire to destroy the human race. We saw them fighting against the goblin. The Goblin King was also killed by them. But that was not the end of the war. In “Goblin Slayer” Season 2 we can expect to see them fighting stronger goblins.

We can also expect the plot to shift from just humans and goblins to the slayer and the priestess’s personal life. Because as of now we are still unaware of their true identity and even their names.

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