Google, Gmail, Youtube and other goes slow down


Gmail, Goggle, Youtube etc are the most useable services in this modern world. We use to open services like google we use most often. The spokesperson of Google says that various services were not working properly like Gmail was not working properly.

Due to some technical issue the system were not working. The users were not able to log in and at 3.47AM PT the experienced highest rate of error. Later on at 4:32AM PT the problem was solved and all services started working on time.


At this time all these services like youtube, gmail etc are restored. The spokesperson also that they are very sorry of the interrupt and they assured that in future the users will not face any kind of problem and they added that they will look into this matter very keenly.

The system was slow down for around 1 hour and that time was very much crucial for so many people. So many users experienced this problem.


these services are often used in these days, we browser whenever we need anything and that is most important thing why people got to know about the slow down of the service.

We use other services sometimes like youtube and gmail but google is the most essential one. All services which are like  Google Drive, Docs, Maps, AdWords and AdSense, Google Pay, Nest and Google’s Chromecast  were slow down.


With his whole incident we got to know the most important of our life is that how much we are dependent on these sites. It seems like if we will not use google for a day our life will stop.

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