Googles help in the creation of 2 unicorn Indian sites


Google is one of the most leading company of all over the world is now helping other companies to grow in this technological world. There is startup which is going to feed feed personalized news and entertainment to the world’s fastest-growing smartphone population.


In this whole process the google is playing a vital role which needs to be taken care. Google is investing in the creation of two youngest technology unicorns.

Glance, which feeds news and sports scores to phone-lock screens, is said to have reached a valuation of more than $1 billion after completing a funding round led by Google. And VerSe Innovation Pvt, the studio behind the popular Dailyhunt news site and TikTok-like Josh app, said it passed that threshold after winning more than $100 million from Alphabet Inc.’s search giant and Microsoft Corp.

Google and other American countries are now trying get the command over India and that is why they are investing so much in India. As we all know that the sites like amazon and facebook are so much famous in India. Each and every citizen of India are using these sites now adays.


And now they are trying to get the with the smartphones as well so that they can increase their market with the help of online commerce. The main aim of google is to enhance their economic system.

Caesar Sengupta who is the vice president of Google stated in his blog that more than 100 million new internet users have come online from the rural areas in just last two years.

But he added that there are some users who find so many difficulties to find content which is related to their interest and the main reason is that they cannot find anything in their own language.


It is reported that Glance has around 115 million active users who uses the app for around 2 minutes every single day. The app can only be operated in android ecosystem.

Glance has partnership with some other leading companies like Samsung Electronics Co., Xiaomi Corp., Oppo and Vivo.

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