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Gotham Season 6: Are We Getting Another Season?

Gotham Season 6

Gotham Season 6 is being eagerly anticipated by the fans owing to the massive success of the first five seasons. The superhero series premiered in 2014 and has earned immense appreciation from the audience and the critics.

Gotham Season 6: Has It Been Renewed Yet?

Gotham Season 6

We know that Gotham Season 5 was released way back in April 2019 and it was been more than a year since we are waiting for Gotham Season 6. Is it on the cards?

As of now, HBO has not made any official announcement about the renewal of the series. When the fifth season was announced the makers stated that it would be the final season of the series.

But maybe things did not go as planned because the fifth season was nothing sort of a season finale. In fact, it left the audience in a cliffhanger because the ending was not as satisfying as expected. Moreover, the primary thing that irked the audience was that the season finale ended with just mere 12 episodes.

Gotham Season 6

So somewhere it hints that the makers might be planning Gotham Season 6. Although nothing can be said accurately as of now. Let us wait till we get an official announcement from HBO.

Gotham Season 6: Plot

The superhero series is set on the fictional city of Gotham. And the story centres around two cops James Gordon and Harvey Bullock who are hired to solve the crimes in the city. The city is full of criminals from the underworld. In the previous season, we saw that Bruce Wayne transformed into Batman. We also saw that Gordon has transformed into the lawmaker.

Gotham Season 6

But there are many things still left to explore. We know that the series mainly dealt with the early Gotham City before the arrival of Batman. But since the previous season ended with the introduction of Batman we can expect Gotham Season 6 to revolve around the adventures of Batman in dealing with the crimes in Gotham city.

The show initially focussed on Gordon and his encounter with the crimes in Gotham city but in the next few seasons, all the superhero characters were introduced. Therefore Gotham Season 6 is expected to throw light on the adventures of these characters.

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