Gravity Falls Season 3: What We Know So Far!!

Gravity Falls Season 3

Fans are eagerly waiting for the makers to announce Gravity Falls Season 3 owing to the success of the previous two seasons. The second season of this amazing animated series aired in 2016 and it has been four years since fans are demanding for another season.

Gravity Falls Season 3: Is It Happening?

Gravity Falls Season 3

This animation series is undoubtedly one of the best creation by Disney. The first season of Gravity Falls premiered in June 2012 and the second season was dropped in February 2016. Looking at this trend, we can expect Gravity Falls Season 3 to release this year after a four year gap from the previous season.

But there has been no any official announcement as of yet. Although there were reports that the makers did not want another season the series. As they did not want to make it stretchy.

But some sources state that the makers are in talks for renewing the series. Even if it happens , we will have to wait a little longer before we get Gravity Falls Season 3.

Gravity Falls Season 3: What Can Be The Expected Storyline?

As we know that the makers have not come up with an announcement regarding the renewal of the series. But they might actually consider looking at the frequent demands for fans worldwide.

Gravity Falls season 3

So if we get Gravity Falls Season 3 it will be a continuation of the previous season. The series revolves around two cousins named Mabel and Dipper Pines who go on an adventure in a city called Gravity Falls. We saw how these 12-year-old cousins unveil a lot of secrets about the city.

And they also get hold of a magical diary. The thrilling series made us witness how these two boys spent their vacation in a magical city. And the best part about the series was that it keeps the audience hooked to their seats till the last scene. That is the reason fans are demanding another season.

If we get Gravity Falls Season 3 we can expect to see Mabel and Dipper Pines explore the city even more. Thus we can expect the two protagonists to unveil some more secrets about the adventurous town.

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