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Haikyuu Part 2 Season 4 is back

Haikyuu Part 2 Season 4

Haikyuu is world famous anime series. The series ahs become world famous, the audience loved the series. In the year of 2014 the series was released for the first time.

The whole story of the series revolves around 2 boys. They both are the in teenage belongs from Karasuno High School, This is the place where the whole story revolves. The name of the two boys are Tobio Kageyama and Shoyo Hinata. They both are the main lead of the series.

Haikyuu Part 2 Season 4

Haikyuu Part 2 Season 4 Release date 

Haikyuu season 4 part 1 was not complete. Due to some reasons the production team has to stop the season. The season stopped in the month of July 2020. In the part 1 there were 13 episodes.

And after this the production team give a announcement that they are going to make part 2 of the series. This news was very much surprising for the audience But they are very much happy for this.

Haikyuu Part 2 Season 4

The 4th season part 2 of the series was released in the month 2nd October 2020. The audience loved the series. The time when they released the trailer the fans were too much happy from the trailer itself.

Haikyuu Part 2 Season 4 : Cast and Plot 

Kageyama and Hinata have played the vital role in the series.

Haikyuu Part 2 Season 4

Voice solid for Haikyuu

Satoshi Hino for Daichi Sawamura,

Miyu Irino for Koshi Sugawara and

Koki Uchiyama will voice Kei Tsukishima.

Ayumu Murase for Shoyo Hinata,

Kaito Ishikawa will voice Tobio Kageyama,

Yu Hayashi will voice Ryunosuke Tanaka.

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