Haryana Health Minister Tests COVID Positive Despite Being Vaccinated During Trials


Anil Vij the present health minister of Haryana has been found COVID-19 positive even after receiving a shot if Covaxin during trials. And this has raised concern about the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Haryana Health Ministers Tests Positive For COVID-19


The world is amid a huge crisis that has brought everything to a standstill. Coronavirus outbreak is one of the biggest pandemics the world has ever faced. Almost all the countries are trying their best to find a potential cure for the virus.

India is also doing its best to produce an effective COVID-19 vaccine. The Covaxin by the Bharat Biotech is so far known to be the most effective vaccination against coronavirus. Many people from every part of the country volunteered for the vaccine trials. And the Haryana health minister was one among them.


But the matter of big concern is that Minister Anil Vij recently tested positive for the virus even after receiving a dose of the Covaxin during the trials.

So does that means that the vaccine produced by the Bharat Biotech will not be able to shield us from the coronavirus? Well, it is not so, because the vaccine has a different working mechanism.

Anil Vij Clarifies On How The Covaxin Works

The Haryana health minister after testing positive for COVID-19 clarified the working mechanism of the Covaxin and laid all the baseless rumours at rest.

Anil Vij stated through a Twitter post that he has so far received only a single shot of the vaccination which is not enough to protect anyone from the virus. Because the Covaxin is produced in such a way that a person needs to get two shots of the vaccination after 14 days each.


And only after getting the complete shot of the vaccination twice, we can be shielded from the coronavirus. Thus the Haryana minister clarified that Covaxin is completely effective in nature.

Apart from that he also said that he is getting treated at the hospital and has no symptoms.

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