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House Of Cards Season 7: Everything You Should Know!!

House Of Cards Season 7

After the massive success of the previous seasons fans are eagerly awaiting for House Of Cards Season 7. But has it been renewed yet?

House Of Cards Season 7: Renewed Or Cancelled?

House Of Cards Season 7

The Netflix drama series made its premiere way back in 2013 and six successful seasons has been dropped so far. House of Cards Season 6 was released on November 2, 2018, and it has been two years since we have been awaiting the seventh season.

So has House Of Cards Season 7 been renewed by Netflix? Well, we know that this series has got a very warm response from the audience and the critics making it one of the most popular Netflix original series.

House Of Cards Season 7

Even the sixth season left the audience craving for another season but unfortunately, Netflix has officially confirmed that the series will not be renewed. Thus making the sixth season, the last season of the series. The main reason behind the cancellation of the series is said to be the departure of Kevin Spacey, the main lead of the show after he was accused of sexual assault.

Therefore this controversy affected the series massively and hence Netflix decided not to move on with the series.

House Of Cards Season 7: Plot

Well we know that is political drama series has a very amazing plotline that has kept us hooked to the show. Even if the series has been cancelled we know that the previous season has left us in a cliffhanger.

In the previous season, we saw that the plot was changed after Kevin Spacey was shown the doors. We saw that the role of Claire Underwood was played by Robin Wright.

House Of Cards Season 7

We saw how Claire was declared as the US President. In the end, it left us in a cliffhanger after Claire actually murdered Dough Stamper. So in House Of Cards Season 7, we were expecting the plot to shed light on Claire’s decision to kill Dough. Apart from that, we were also left wondering about what would be Claire’s fate after the heinous crime she committed despite being the President.

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