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How Google Maps will show Covid-19 outbreaks?

Google Maps

Google has announced that Google maps will be having its new feature that will how bad the COVID-19 outbreak is around the world. On Wednesday, It was announced by Google that google maps will show you in its new feature how many Covid-19 cases there are in particular regions. This will work in 220 countries and territories. This means that you will just need to open Google Maps to see outbreaks in your area, which will be helpful to know if the disease spreads more rapidly in your area. You will also be using it to see if there could be an outbreak brewing in a particular area before you make holiday travel plans.

How will Google maps work?

Google also explains about its working, It will collect data from different sources like Johns Hopkins, the New York Times, and Wikipedia. After that, it will display a color-coded map with the seven-day average of new cases per 100,000 people in a particular area. As the experts say that the COVID-19 will never go but its vaccine helps to get rid of the disease. So, its preparation for how to stay away from Coronavirus is going on. Google has come forward to bring such a wonderful feature for us. This is going to help us in different ways. We can easily be able to check how badly COVID-19 outbreak is with help of Google Maps. It will help to take precaution before going that specific area.

Google Maps

If you are wondering when will this feature be rolling out. Let me tell you that it will be able to come this week for Android and iPhone users. This means you could not see it today, but you should be able to see in the coming days. you Just need to look for a Google Maps update. After its updating, you will get the feature.

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