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How President Trump Avoids questions on taxes, distracts people on COVID-19 testing?

President Trump

Today at the White House Lawn, President Donald Trump has announced new rapid COVID-19 tests of almost 150 million people but avoided an answer when he is questioned on his taxes paid. He announced in a very carefully scripted speech at the White House Lawn that New rapid COVID-19 tests will give you result within 15 minutes. It will not include the process of the computer. But he ignored on being asked about tax-paying in the country. This announcement came just after a day when the New York Times claimed President Donald Trump had only paid $750 in federal taxes in 2016. this is the year he was elected commander-in-chief.

President Trump Avoids questions on taxes

President Trump has defended himself on Twitter by saying that he will be having all proofs. It was just a fake news agency that claimed so. President Donald Trump responded on Twitter in reply to a New York Times report about his taxes, He said he has paid many millions of dollars in taxes but is entitled to depreciation and tax credits.

President Trump Avoids question on Taxes

Today at the White House, President Trump has avoided questions on his tax paying. Although he has responded on twitter to the New York Times but on the White House lawn. Though He has announced Rapid Covid-19 testing of 150 million people that will help you to receive the result in 15 minutes, without any involvement of the computer process. He has announced so honorably where the US has most coronavirus cases and death all over the world.

He said 50 million tests will go to the “most weak networks of the country” including nursing homes, helped living offices, and hospice care. The president also revealed that “100 million quick points of care tests will be given to states and territories to help endeavors to resume their economies and schools promptly and as quickly as they can. With this, Democrats have said the perfect way to defend himself on not being asked questions on his tax paying.

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