How To Train Your Dragon 4: Are We Getting A Sequel Soon?

How To Train Your Dragon 4

‘How To Train Your Dragon’ first premiered in 2010. This animated action-fantasy film has three parts and we are highly anticipating another sequel. And that is ‘How to Train Your Dragon 4.’ But the question lies here is that, are the makers planning to go for another sequel?

How To Train Your Dragon 4: Renewed Or Cancelled?

How To Train Your Dragon 4

After the success of the previous three parts of the animated film, the audience is highly anticipating another sequel. And the reason is all the previous three movies of this franchise have managed to win the hearts of the audience.

Therefore fans are demanding for the franchise to come up with the fourth sequel of the movie. The third sequel was released last year and after that, the makers did not utter anything about adding another movie to the How To Train Your Dragon Franchise.

As there is no official announcement from the makers, we cannot predict anything on whether the film will be renewed for another sequel. Moreover, the How To Train Your Dragon 3 had a happy ending, and hence the makers might not feel the end of adding one more sequel to the franchise because the script doesn’t demand it.

What To Expect If ‘How To Train Your Dragon 4’ Releases?

As stated, we might not get another sequel to the movie. But some sources state that the makers might consider to come up with some spin-offs. Therefore if that happens that we can expect a completely new storyline.

How To Train Your Dragon 4

Other than that, if How To Train Your Dragon 4 is ever made we can expect new additional characters. This animated fantasy movie franchise revolves around the story of Hiccups, son of a Viking leader in a fantasy land of Berk who befriends a dragon named Toothless despite an enmity between the clans they belong to.

In the trilogy, we saw how Hiccups emerged as the leader of the Vikings clan. The thing which amazed the audience was the everlasting friendship between Hiccups and Toothless. The movie had a positive ending where we saw both Hiccups and Toothless settling down with the love of their lives. 

Therefore if we get another sequel, the makers need to add a new storyline to it which is not possible anytime soon.

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