How young entrepreneurs like Zubair Shaikh and Sudha Yadav are disrupting the digital marketing landscape?

Zubair Shaikh and Sudha Yadav
Zubair Shaikh and Sudha Yadav

In this digital era, age is truly no bar in order to be successful without of box idea. Two such of a small town mind caught our attention, Sudha Yadav (Digital Guruji) and Zubair Shaikh (Juber Shaikh) has been talking of the town on the internet lately.

Zubair Shaikh and Sudha Yadhav

A young women digital entrepreneur named Sudha Yadav broke the odds and has made a big name in the digital marketing world. Sudha started her journey to the top with zero connections and empty pockets.

From a slum boy to engineer to developer to blogger to Bollywood lyricist to renowned entrepreneur! Zubair Shaikh is master of many hats. He has come a long way. An aspirational and inspirational personality of Shaikh makes him a successful person, both internally and externally. From the very beginning, he never switched his belief from “What you think, you become”.

Zubair Shaikh, who discovered his creative writing skills while blogging and writing poems in leisure time, shot to fame when he penned down lyrics for T-series labelled song ‘Jism’ of the album ‘Luv Shuv Pyaar Vyaar’ and he was co-lyricist with Shailendra Sharma for the song ‘Marhum’ by Dr Reena Mehta. Soulful lyrics by him imparted impressions on the listener’s heart.

Neither Shaikh took any creative writing classes nor did he grow up in an environment conducive to writing. His first attempt was writing blogs and poems. Unlike many writers, his creative skills and unique work took him to Bollywood.

Hailing from slums, his way of viewing world is totally different. “We all have immense potential in ourselves. No external resources are required much. Striving to achieve purpose in life is what keeps us fighting to survive and grow. Never gave up.”, Zubair Shaikh says.

After achieving so much and getting fame, he still wanted to fan the flames of his human potential. His multi-dimensional personality was driving him to discover another aspect. While he was savouring the taste of fame in the industry, he started his web hosting company ‘Hostlelo’. With commitment, vision and team-work, his company witnessed skyrocketed success. It is now trusted by thousands of clients.
Zubair Shaikh has achieved a milestone in a few time, he is not only a source of inspiration to many Millennials who are stuck in the work-life conundrum, but is also exemplary to the fact that hard work, planning and disciplined time management can go a long way in helping an individual achieves whatever he looks for.

Currently, Sudha Yadav aka Digital Guruji is one of the most famous names in the digital marketing world all over world, that too at the young age of 20.

Inspiring entrepreneurs like Sudha Yadav and Zubair Shaikh are indeed breaking the stereotype for their generation and making our nation proud in the IT sector, altogether.

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