Hunter x Hunter Season 7: Anime’s untapped potential

Hunter x Hunter

The Japanese anime television series is based on the Hunter x Hunter manga series written by Yoshihiro Togashi. The series is a new version of the 1st anime series released in the ’90s. But it is in no way connected to the same it. Hunter x Hunter is directed by Hiroshi Kōjina. With the producer being Madhouse, it presents scripts by Jun Maekawa and character designs by Takahiro Yoshimatsu.

This famous series started broadcasting on 2nd October 2011 on Nippon Television and Nippon News Network. It came to a close on 23rd September 2014. Besides, the series was premiered on TV on Adult Swim’s Toonami block on April 16, 2016, and ending on June 22, 2019. It has 148 episodes in total.

Hunter x Hunter Volumes and Episodes

Hunter X Hunter manga series presently has 36 volumes, with the latest one which came out in 2018. Four out of the total volumes continue to stay intact by the past six installments and could serve as the foundation plot for season 7.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7: Confirmed Or Canceled? Will It Ever Return?

The writer of the manga, Togashi Mangaka, is branded for taking intermittent breaks from the manga of ‘Hunter X Hunter’. He went for an interval right after the 380th chapter of the manga because of a specific medical illness. But in the latest interview, he asserted that the manga is not over yet. “It has come to a point where either the story concludes first, or I die before that happens. But I do intend to finish it”, he said. So, no one really has any confirmation as of now from the studio’s end but it is possible that we will get to see nonetheless one more season of this amazing anime.

An English dubbed edition of the series released in Toonami in April 2016. After season 6 of the English version came to an end in Toonami as well, the exigence for season 7 rose even higher.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7

There’s no verified corroboration from the creators of the series relating to the year and optimistic crowds; we can anticipate that the new season will premiere by 2021.

There were some firm tipoffs given during the last few episodes of the show that lead us closer to the likelihood of a new season. Let’s just hope that Togashi recuperates soon from his unspecified illness and lets us enjoy this anime for a little while longer. As cited earlier, the manga has a whole of 380 chapters as of today, but the anime only shows 339 of these. So, while waiting for the next season to come out, one can at any time read what happens next in the manga, which is evenly remarkable.