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Hunters Season 2: Potential Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

Hunters Season 2

Hunters Season 2 is highly anticipated owing to the massive success of the first season. The first season premiered on February 2020 and earned a warm response from the audience as well as the critics.

Hunters Season 2: Is Another Season On The Cards?

Hunters Season 2

The first instalment of the Amazon Prime series has gained a massive fan following. It consisted of ten amazing episodes which left the audience craving for another season. But is it happening?

Well, yes! Amazon Studios has recently renewed the series and we cannot keep calm! The maker of the series David Weil has announced Hunters Season 2 and he stated that he was thankful to the audience for showering their love and appreciation for the first season of Hunters.

Hunters Season 2

He also assured that Hunters Season 2 will not disappoint anyone and he and his team will try their best o make the upcoming season worth all the hype. Although Weil has not exactly announced on when are they starting the production for Hunters Season 2, but some sources state that the cast and crew might start filming by January 2021.

And if that is so then we can expect the upcoming season to hit the screens by the end of 2021 at the earliest.

Hunters Season 2: Expected Plot

So we know that the series revolves around Nazi Hunters who find out that the war criminals are panning to make Fourth Reich in the United States. Fourth Reich is basically a term which means that Germany should acquire nuclear weapons and thus establish supremacy. And these war criminals wanted to do the same in the US.

Hunters Season 2

In the previous season, we saw that Hitler arrived in the scenario to guide the neo-Nazi group in their diabolical plan. So in Hunters Season 2, it will be interesting to see on how Hitler carries out his evil plans. Also, we can expect to finally know about Joe’s whereabouts.

Apart from that, the upcoming season might also reveal why Joe was seen spending time with Hitler and his wife. Hunters Season 2 might also reveal why Nazi Travis murdered his own lawyer.

The first season has left us in a cliffhanger with lots of secrets to be unveiled. 

Thus the upcoming season will bring in all the answer to the questions we were left with in the previous season. In a word, Hunters Season 2 will be full of revelations and lots of turns and twists.

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