Hyderabad man pays 62,000 fine for cutting neem tree


Hyderabad man had a pay a penalty of 62,000 for cutting a neem tree  in Hyderabad’s Saidabad area. The forest department of the state  imposed a heavy fine on that man.

Sources says that the Hyderabad man who cut down the tree was working in some project, on the other hand the people of that place has said that the tree was 42 years old. The was becoming a block in the construction project. So, that is why he had to cut down the tree.


At the time when he was cutting the neem tree a college going student saw and called the forest department and gave them information the incident. It is said that the student studies in class 8.

The student said the forest department to take legal actions against the man and along with that against all those people who were helping him in this incident.


Forest Department officials conducted an investigation and confirmed the tree was cut without permission. They fined the man Rs 62,075 for chopping down the tree without permission. The boy was also thanked by forest department officials for informing them about the incident.

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