India bans UK-India flights till January 7


India is a country which has rapidly growing population and for that the condition is being difficult to stop the community spread. The government is trying its best to stop it soon but they are still not able to.

Recently the passenger who came from Uk it was found that they are covid positive, this news has a sensation over the social media. The government of India has asked all those people to be in isolation.


All those people are from different parts of the country, they are kept in isolation in their states, the government of the state is giving them best care so that their health condition can be batter and they can recover soon.

The people who were in close contact of those people, they are also kept in isolation. It is not confirmed that they are positive but for precaution the government of the state has asked them to be in isolation.


In terms of taking care of the people of the country the government has said that the flights of India and Uk is going to be ban till 7th january. The cases of Corona is increasing day after day in india. The citizens of india needs to be careful about their health and hygiene.

The covid is again back in India and that is the most dangerous things that is happening in the country right now. The total number of covid cases of India are around 10,245,326, and total number of death is 148,475.


It is glad to say that the rate of recovery is good in out country so that the people can feel a bit relief. The total recovery rate is 9,834,141. Still we can not say that how long we will face this problem in our country.

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