India has 18,222 new coronavirus cases

India has new Covid cases which is around 18,222. Within last 24 hours the cases are almost 1.4 crore in our country. The Union health ministry says that the cases are on the peak.

India has also reported 228 fatalities due to the coronavirus infection, taking the overall deaths in the country to 1,50,798 deaths, the government said on Saturday.


Just before few months the cases were under control, the government was doing a great job in terms of taking care of the situation but again the situation has become very worst.

The government says that on 8 january around 19,253 patients were discharge from the hospital and still in India the number of active cases is very high. The number of active is 2,24,190.


On the other had the recovery rate is also good, the total number of recovered people are 1,00,56,651. So we can say that as the cases are rising the level of recovery is also going well.

The government has also started the distribution of the vaccine, in many rural areas the people are getting the vaccine. The health ministry said 9.16 lakh samples to detect the daily rise of coronavirus cases in the country were tested on Friday. Of these, 18,222 came back as positive.


They also added that till now they have taken the samples of 18 crore people and from that around 9.16 people are tested positive within just 24 hours.

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