Paris Agreement is Exceeding in India

India is Exceeding the Paris Agreement

The agreement is between India and Paris is going very well. India is very keenly woking on the agreement. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in his speech that our country is meeting the targets of the paris agreement on climate change. And he added that ur country is exceeding them.

India is Exceeding the Paris Agreement  

In a video conferencing Narendra Modi said that our country is fighting with this pandemic, in this worst situation of Covid-19 we are equally taking are of climate change, the importance and relevance of this Paris agreement did vanish due to the current situation.

He said that we are very much concerned about this in a holistic and comprehensive way.

India is Exceeding the Paris Agreement

He also added that in this time our country is busy in taking care of our citizens, the economic is very much affected because of this pandemic but we know that climate change is also very much important , this must be fought not silos but in an integrated.

Our Prime Minister has done such a remarkable job where he has provided LED lights to everyone and on the hand he has made all the kitchens smoke free by providing Gas cylinder to almost 80 million households.

India is Exceeding the Paris Agreement

Our country has also initiated a drive which says that we should not use plastic, and to make our country plastic free government banned the single use of plastic.

No shopkeeper’s were not allowed to sold plastic and instead of this they all were using paper packets. In terms of forest then the number of lion and tiger is also increasing slowly Along with this forest cover has also increased by the time.

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