India might Spend $1.8 Billion On Covid Vaccines In First Phase

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ARCHIV - Die erste Lieferung des zwei Komponenten Impfstoffes Pandemrix des Herstellers Glaxo-Smith-Kline gegen die Schweinegrippe liegt am 23. Oktober 2009 ausgepackt in der Apotheke des Universitaetsklinikums Essen. Transparency International hat wegen der Schweinegrippe-Impfung schwere Vorwuerfe gegen die Pharmaindustrie erhoben. Die Krankheit sei "katastrophenmaessig aufgebauscht" worden und habe sich als "Papiertiger entpuppt", sagte Anke Martiny, Vorstandsmitglied der Anti-Korruptions-Organisation der Nachrichtenagentur DAPD. "Bei der Schweinegrippe habe ich den deutlichen Verdacht, dass es im Wesentlichen den Anbietern der Impfstoffe genuetzt hat", sagte Martiny. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, Archiv) ** zu APD0056 ** --- FILE - The first delivery of the two component vaccine Pandemrix against swine flu is seen at the pharmacy of the university hospital in Essen, Germany, in a Friday, Oct, 23, 2009 file photo. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)

India will have to spend a lot of money at the first phase of vaccine distribution programme, The government might feel the scarcity of money but on the other hand they are getting help from the COVAX global vaccine-sharing scheme, according to estimates by the GAVI vaccines alliance.

We all know that India has such a large population and the number of cases in India is also on peak. According to the population it is estimated that the government will have to spend millions over this programme.


The government have decided that they will inoculate around 300 million people in next six months. This decision taken by the government is seems very much difficult to fulfil.

If India got 190-250 million shots of the vaccine under the COVAX facility – a best case scenario – then the government would need to line up about $1.4 billion to make up for the shortfall.


There is a fund known as COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator, which was set up in the month April is also helping in the distribution of the vaccine in poor and middle income countries. As of now the government have not said that what would be exact cost of the whole programme but taking care of the population of India we can say that the cost would be very high.

The senior health ministry official stated that there is no force to those people who do not want to take the Covid-19 Vaccination, it totally depends on one’s own choice and will that whether they want this or not. It is not mandatory that all the population will have to take the vaccine.


The process of vaccine distribution is mainly based on voluntary basis. Whatever decision the people will take the government has said that they will support the general public.

Although the government has said that the people can make their own choice but also they do want to cover as much as possible. A large population of our country should take this vaccine.

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