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Indian Americans host free drive-thru food giveaway for over 15,000 families.

Almost 250 vehicles have lined the parking lots of selected churches and schools for a period of more than six months. 
As part of an effort to support those who are now suffering because of the coronavirus pandemic, drive-thru meal giveaway. 
“We have supplied groceries, to at least 15,000 families in the area. And that lasts for about three to four days for people, a family of four. This was an effort on the part of the Indian American community to tell people that our community is a giving community. We are here to help them in these tough times,” Dr. Suresh Gupta, a leading member of the Indian American community told ANI.

Dr Gupta and the rest of the 28 volunteers are filled with a great sense of pride by being able to do their part to support those in need, he said, especially in these tough times for so many people. In the Washington DC metro region, the food drive was in collaboration with many members of the Indian American community, the local church and county government.

“Everyone is eager to help. In fact, many times we have to hold back the volunteers who want to come here and participate,” said Rajiv Jain, an Indian American who has been volunteering. About 250 plus families line up in their cars-almost bumper to bumper on a Sunday morning to receive donated food products such as fresh produce and packaged food — a necessity for those in poverty or anyone else in need of a meal in COVID-19. People from numerous religions turn up early and are lined up to begin the drive.

“We are just so grateful that you’re helping the community,” a couple thanked the volunteers.
“This food drive is very important to us, it means a lot to my family, stay blessed,” another overwhelmed lady thanks the volunteers while picking her supplies.

The Indian American community shares distribution data through local NGOs, food banks and also reaches out to the community’s places of worship to get the word out.
On October 2 the group intends to hold their next drive to celebrate the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi followed by a food drive during Diwali. 

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