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Indian Expat fell into the sea and experience life-death situation in Dubai

It is good to hear and even attend a party on a Yacht in the sea.  Even thinking about it gives good vibes with all the beautiful surrounding, lights, music, foods and enjoyment. But, what if an unfortunate accident takes place while attending a party on a yacht in the sea? It is not uncommon that such an incident does not happen. There are many cases where such accidents take place while once goes out in the sea. Recently, one such incident happened in Dubai out in the sea with an Indian. It was a near death-life situation for the person. However, he got himself saved and talked about his experience.

Indian Expat fell into the ocean water

Reportedly, the incident took place on Thursday at Dubai when an Indian spat fell into the ocean water accidentally. The name of India was Rajveer Vakani who is 27 years old. He was attending the birthday party of his friend on the rented yacht that he fell into the ocean. He slipped and fell overboard when he was about to leave the lower deck.

Rajveer also shouted, called and whistled to the people who were on the upper deck, but no one heard him or any of his sounds. He also saw the yacht eventually drifting away from him even though he waited for the yacht to turn thinking that someone may have heard or seen him. Rajveer was also not an expert swimmer and said that he slipped and went overboard while he was making his way towards the others. Furthermore, he even said that no one could hear him even though he shouted for help. He also thought that the yacht will be back soon after watching it sailing away thinking that someone will realise he was missing.

Near life-death situation with swimming

Rajveer after slipping off the yacht swam around in the choppy sea for two hears for reaching the shore.  Vakani also had no choice other than swimming as it was getting dark and also the yacht did not return for him. He started swimming hoping that he will find the shore soon. Finally, he was able to see the Burj Al Arab’s lights after two hours of battling the water. A quite bit of water was also swallowed by him and his eyes were also stung due to the cold salty waters. However, he kept his morale up and went at a slow pace for his energy conservation.

Vakani said that he had seen a lot of survival shows but he also knows that if people have the will, they can do anything. He said that he told himself that he could survive and reach the shore. Rajveer also stated an American was walking past and saw him. The man helped him walk to the road and another man who was a Russian, let him use his mobile phone for calling the taxi. His brother asked him to come home by taking a taxi. He was fully soaked in water due to which the first taxi refused to take him, but another one soon came and took him home.