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India’s mRNA Vaccine will soon start for human trials

Amidst the rising numbers of COVID 19 once again in the world, every country has started preparations for developing its own vaccines against the pandemic. India, being one of them, has also started developing its own vaccines and once the trials are over, the vaccines will be available in the market.

India and Covid 19

Like many other countries, India is also one of the worst sufferers of the global pandemic. School, Colleges, Workplace are still at a halt in many parts of the nation. The numbers have started rising once again with a high number of global death. Every new day, almost 30,000 new cases come up. Although the cases are rising, India has come out from its worst state since September, when there was, a one day rise of almost 80,000 COVID 19 positive patients. The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic which started from China has completed its one year now and without any avail; a proper vaccine has not been developed yet. After many trials and rejection, Britain has launched its Pfizer Vaccine, recently, with almost 95% efficacy rate, for emergency use. After Britain, now Canada, being the third, also got approval for its coronavirus vaccine.

India’s mRNA Vaccine is granted permission for human trials

After Bahrain, the United Kingdom and Canada, which countries are on the way to develop a COVID 19 vaccine? India, on Friday, receives approval for its first human trials. The human trials are to be done from India’s first homemade vaccine, mRNA. The vaccine is being developed by Pune based, Genova in collaboration with a US firm, HDT Biotech. The vaccine is said to be stable at 2-8 degree celsius and considering the environmental conditions of India, it perfectly suits the conditions. In this list, more three vaccines developed by Bharat Biotech, Serum Institute of India and Pfizer are in consideration too. The Central Government and states are in full work to make this vaccine available in the market soon. As per sources, the frontline health workers and the elders are being prioritized.

The WHO states that the efficacy rate of a vaccine should be almost 70% and the FDA approves for 50% efficacy rate. Here in India, various vaccines are in works, with Pfizer from Britain, with 95% efficacy rate, has been granted permission for distribution in India. Next in the list is India’s own Pune based Serum Institute’s vaccine with 60-70% efficacy rate. Bharat Biotech Covaxin with 60% efficacy rate is in the third of the list, while mRNA Vaccine, developed by Pune based, Gennova, becomes India’s first homemade vaccine to receive approval for human clinical trials.

Dr. Vinod Paul of Niti Ayog, states that Pfizer, Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute will soon be granted approval for market Authorization. The guidelines for the vaccines will roll out soon in the next few days and the decisions will be evidence based, science based and rules based, as stated by Mr. Paul. He further states that, the most needy will get the dosages first.

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