Iran Missile Programme Receives Support From Russian, Chinese Firms

Iran Missile Programme Gets Support From Russian, Chinese Firms
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The Iran Missile Programme has received positive responses from different countries. But in this US has imposed sanctions on four companies which are from Russia and China. Pompeo have said that they are going to use all their sanctions tools to prevent Iran from advancing its missile capabilities.

Iran Missile Programme Gets Support From Russian, Chinese Firms

The four companies on which sanctions has imposed are Chengdu Best New Materials Co Ltd and Zibo Elim Trade Co, Ltd. in China and Nilco Group, which is also known as Nil Fam Khazar Company and Santers Holding and Joint Stock Company Elecon in Russia for transferring sensitive technology and items to Iran’s missile programme.

In the year of 2018 Donald Trump withdrew the US from the landmark Iran nuclear deal. After this activity of him, he said that all other countries should reduce the purchase of oil from Iran.

Iran Missile Programme Gets Support From Russian, Chinese Firms

Iran tried to convince that their Iran Missile Programme is for the peaceful. Their main aim is peaceful only. On this note Pompeo added that all the countries needs to be vigilant to efforts by the country Iran so that they could advance the missile programme.

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