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Iran’s exiled Journalist executed after for instigation of mass protests in 2017

One of the top executioner’s countries among the word is Iran. Reportedly, a recent development took place in Iran which executed a journalist who was exiled over his online work on Saturday. The exiled journalist helped in the inspiring of economic protests in nationwide in 2017. The name of the journalist was Ruhollah Zam who was 47 years old. He got arrested after tricking him into Iraq travelling by the authorities a little more than a year.

Iran executed a Journalist for instigating protests

In recent months, the Iranian intelligence operatives successfully seized one of the several opposition figures with the struggles of Tehran under the weight of the US sanctions. It was described that the French government protected Zam who lived in Paris. It is highly possible that such claims will further chill across the West and an Iranian opposition that is already scattered. It also comes in the time when pressure is there on France and other European nations from Iran over the collapsing of atomic accord during the days of administration of Donald Trump.

Zam got referred as the leader of riots by the state television of Ran while hanging execution was announced on early Saturday. The court sentenced of death to Zam was given in June stating his conviction under corruption on Earth, a charge which often gets used in the espionage or attempts to overthrow the government of Iran cases.

Protests instigated by the Journalist

Zam created a channel on the popular messaging app Telegram and a website, AmadNews for spreading the protests of 2017 timings and also embarrassing knowledge concerning officials in which the theocracy of Iran’s Shia is directly challenged. It was towards the end of December that the demonstrations began and continued up until into 2018. It was one of the biggest challenges to the rulers of Iran since the 2009 protests of the Green Movement and set the stage in November of last year for similar mass unrest.

Zam even shared a video of the protests in which Rouhani and even Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei got directly challenged. A sudden jump in the food prices was the initial spark for the protests of 2017. Later on, the backlash turned against the entire ruling class with the spread of protests from town to town.  The telegram channel also got shut down over the complaints of the Iranian government that it spreads information for making gasoline bombs.

Shadowy arrest

It is still unclear as how Zam got arrested. He was arrested and detained by intelligence officials after he somehow found his way to Iran though based in Paris. It was in October last year that the arrest of Zam got announced by the Revolutionary Guards of Iran. It was claimed that he had been directed by the intelligence service of France and kidnapped him from abroad. Reports from Media claimed Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps kidnapped him last year in Iraqi Kurdistan in a professional and sophisticated operation. Zam is the son of Mohammad Ali Zam who is a Shia cleric and reformist one served in the early 1980s under the government policy position.