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Iron Fist Season 3: What We Know So Far!!

Iron Fist Season 3

Iron Fist Season 3 has been eagerly awaited by the fans after the success of the first two seasons. But the question here is that has the series been renewed for another season?

Iron Fist Season 3: Is The Series Renewed?

Iron Fist Season 3

Iron Fist is a Netflix series that revolves around the Marvel character Iron Fist.  The first two seasons of this series was well received by the audience especially the Marvel fans. And everyone wanted Iron Fist Season 3 to hit the screens soon.

But unfortunately, Marvel has cancelled the series. In an official announcement by Marvel, it was clearly stated Netflix is not brining another season of Iron Fist. Thus officially cancelling the series. And with that Marvel also thanked everyone who was associated with the series.

But this announcement has definitely broken the hearts of many Marvel fans who were awaiting the release of Iron Fist Season 3. The makers have not stated any reason for the cancellation of the series. Also, the second season got pretty high ratings on Netflix there it is really hard to say on why they decided not to go further with the show.

Iron Fist Season 3

The series was under a big banner i.e Marvel Studios and hence Netflix not renewing a series fro =m Marvels is quite surprising in itself. That too when it was never mentioned that Iron Fist Season 2 was the season finale. The sudden cancellation of this series has left us with any questions.

Iron Fist Season 3: Why Do We Need Another Season?

As mentioned earlier the Netflix series features Marvel character Iron Fist as the protagonist. The second season of the series was dropped in 2018 and it got very high ratings on Netflix.

Iron Fist Season 3

Also, the plotline actually demands another season. Because the ending of the second season was not at all satisfactory and it left us with several questions. Because we saw that Colleen was the new Iron Fist and Danny was on his quest to actually kill Iron Fist Golden Guns. But what happens, in the end, was not revealed.

Therefore we were expecting Iron Fist Season 3 to give us a clear answer to all the confusions we had after watching the second season. The series ended even without clarifying that if Danny actually succeeds in shooting Iron Fist. Hence Iron Fist Season 3 should not have been cancelled by the makers!

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