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Is Anne With An E Season 4 Renewed Or Cancelled By Netflix?

Anne With An E season 4

Anne With An E premiered in November 2019 and had three successful seasons so far. This is one of the most amazing series from Netflix and has earned a lot of appreciation from the audience as well as the critics. Now everyone is highly anticipating another season from the franchise.

But the question lies here is that has Netflix renewed the series? Will We get Anne With An E Season 4?

Anne With An E Season 4: Has Netflix Given Its Nod For Renewal?

Anne With An E Season 4

The series revolves around the story of an orphan called Anne who has had an abusive childhood in the orphanages she grew up. But later on, she is adopted by Matthew who lives with his sister. From there we witness the journey of Anne to fit in into a whole new world. The previous three seasons touched our hearts and left us craving for more.

But as of now, Netflix has not uttered anything about renewing the series. Many of the sources state that Netflix might not give a node for another season of the Anne With An E franchise. 

We all know that only three seasons for such an amazing series is not enough. But the previous season left us with many unanswered questions and it was not an ending that we were looking for. Therefore every Anne with an E fan wants the franchise to come up with another season.

Anne With An E Season 4: Why Do We Need Another Season?

We know the Anne With An E season 3 was the season finale of the series. But we are not happy with the ending which left us with many questions. The realistic portrayal of Anne Shirley has completely made us fall in love with her character and we want to see more of her.

Anne With An E Season 4

The primary reason we want another season of the series is its unsatisfactory ending. In the previous season, we saw that Anne finally turned 16 and with that, she becomes more curious to find out her original identity. As she entered a matured stage she starts exploring new things. But the season just ended without a proper conclusion. Hence we want the makers to announce Anne With An E Season 4 so that we find the answer to all our questions.

We all want to be a part of Anne’s journey to womanhood and also her quest to find out her real identity. Therefore petitions are being signed to demand for Anne With An E Season 4. We hope that the makers consider the demands of the fans and make a decision to bring another season of this heart-touching series!

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