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Is Joe Hunting YOU This Time? Fun Facts About “You Season 3”

Netflix recently gave the green light to the hit-series You for Season 3. And everyone is beyond excited. The series is about a man named Joe Goldberg. Well, he is creepy and a sociopath. So if he falls in love with you, pack your bags and run for your life. In the first season, he killed his girlfriend. And by the second one, he moved on to another city and another hunt.

Now that You Season 3 is finally happening, we got you some fun facts that we bet you had no idea about.

Fun Facts About You Season 3

  1. Netflix series You got a loyal audience on Netflix, but it wasn’t the same previously. The first season of the series aired on Lifetime and the audience didn’t take it well. It was canceled until Netflix took it up.
  2. The face of the series and the serial killer of You, Penn Badgley (Joe Goldberg) almost passed on the role. In an interview, he revealed that at first, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to do the part. But now we can’t imagine anybody else!
  3. We know that the women in the series always get tragic ends. But the actress who played the role of Beck in You Season 1, Elizabeth Lail wanted things to be different. She revealed that she was tired of women not winning at the end.
  4. Well, it’s hard to play the role if you don’t like your character. But Penn Badgley is doing it somehow and even gracefully. He revealed that he doesn’t like Joe at all. But playing Joe is a bit of psychological exploration.
  5. When the writer Caroline Kenpes was writing Joe’s character, she wrote to him to be very sensitive who met terrible people. When other people pointed out that he was awful and a serial killer, she realized the truth, but with that, Kenpes wanted to torture Joe even more.
  6. Peach Salinger in the series was meant to be annoying, but she had a fair taste in fashion. Shay Mitchell revealed that she was pretty basic in the series Pretty Little Liars and she enjoys wearing heels. So for her character Peach, she made sure that she gets to be herself. She even got some of her own bags and clothes for the show.
  7. The Mooney’s bookstore in the first season exists. There is a store in Manhattan named Logos with the same interiors. However, it doesn’t have a basement to keep a human cage.
  8. Penn doesn’t want anyone to crush on Joe. Some of the fans tweeted on how cute Joe was. And Penn shut everyone down by reminding them that he is a murderer.
  9. Millie Bobby Brown once tweeted to defend Joe. In the tweet, she said Joe was in love with Beck. So it was okay [for him to be possessive]. However, she received a lot of hate and backlash from Twitteratis. Brown later said that the tweet she made was in reference to Episode 2 of You Season 1. And when she reached the final, she realized that he was a stalker. She further apologized for hurting people.
  10. Penn once revealed that the series makes him want to puke. He said that during the shoot, there are a lot of gruesome things that he has to do with the prosthetic bodies. And sometimes it takes a toll on them.

No matter how creepy the series You is, it has made its place in the audience’s hearts. Well, we are waiting for more information on You Season 3. Until then, keep stalking Joe!

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