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Is season 16 expected of Criminal minds ?

The criminal mind is an American television series with a theme based on criminal cases. The whole series is full of suspense and thrill, which kept the audiences engaged. Even it has gained an immense fan base due to its storyline and powerful characters. The story revolves around a group of representatives that works for the FBI’s subdivision Behavioural analysis unit to investigate the criminal behaviors and trying to stop them before occurrence.

Will Rossi and his team return to investigate?

Season 15 of the Criminal Minds was premiered on January 8, 2020 and the final episode lasts for two hours. This season ended up with just ten episodes in hand.

Well, it has been officially announced by CBS that no further seasons would be made for criminal minds and season 15 was the end of entire criminal series.

The show had been running successfully from 2005 in CBS, so when the announcement came up, CBS head AmyReisenbach said: “It is the quintessential CBS hit We are so proud to have alred it “It speaks to everything we do best, which is air quality television. It’s been successful not only onair but online, in syndication, internationally forABC.”

Cast to be expected for Season 16

After the official announcement, it was declared that there would be no season 16 for criminal minds. But being an optimistic audience, if it would be then you must wish to see some of the familiar faces again like Joe Mantegna playing DavidRossi, Matthew Gray Gubler playing Spencer Reid, A.J.Cook playing Jennifer jareau, Kirsten Vangsness playingPenelope Garcia , Aisha Tyler playing Tara Lewis and Daniel Henry as MattSimmon.

And might be some more versatile and talented actors or actresses leading the way ahead.

Some major plot details

If season 16 happened, then might be the plot differs from our assumptions and has something way beyond to serve from our expectations. But definitely it would be worth watching. As said earlier, the story revolves a group of members that works for FBI’s Subdivision BAU. They investigate the criminal’s behaviour and helps to stoppage of any. The story works in Quantico, Virginia, to maintain law and order in the state .They all work hard the day and night, and each crime is different from the last one.

It came as a major setback for the audiences that their favourite television show has come up to an unpredictable end. Wish the viewers are much heard and the makers think of coming up with another season.

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