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Is Sherlock Season 5 Renewed Or Cancelled By Netflix?

Sherlock Holmes Season 5 Updates

Sherlock Season 5 is probably the most awaited series of all time. The last season was released in 2017, and since then fans have been waiting. Sherlock Season 4 ended with the introduction of Sherlock Holmes’s secret sister. And her side of the story is yet to be explored along with many other adventures in the store. However, there have been rumours that Sherlock Season 5 (available on Netflix) has been cancelled. Before it breaks more people, we are finally debunking the rumours!

Sherlock Season 5 Updates

Is Sherlock Season 5 Cancelled?

The BBC series, Sherlock has been a fan favourite for a very long time. And it’s been over three years since the last series was released. This long gap has led some people to assume that the series might have been cancelled. However, as of now, BBC has not officially cancelled Sherlock Season 5. They haven’t renewed it, but they haven’t cancelled it either. So until then, we can hold our breaths and hope for the best.

Besides, after four very successful runs, it would only be unfair to end the series without a right ending and cliffhangers. The makers would only be risking a lot of heartbreaks. Reports suggest that Sherlock Season 5 might be in the making.

Indirect Hints Of Sherlock Season 5

Sherlock Season 5 Cancelled?

Some sources say that Sherlock Season 5 might be in the pre-production phase. We know for sure that the main characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, will reprise their roles. Along with Eurus Holmes (Sian Brooke), Sherlock’s sister. In an interview, Sian said that she loved playing the role of Eurus. She loved the fact that Eurus was a bit abnormal. And characters like her is not something that you get every day. So it is something that she’d like to do again. Well, that’s our first catch.

Another hint came from Sherlock himself. In an interview, he denied all the rumours regarding cancellation of the show. Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) said that the team never even spoke about cancelling the show. Following his lead, Dr Watson (Martin Freeman) also said that everybody in the lead cast including him has hectic schedules and other commitments to complete. And neither of them want to do another season just for the sake of doing it and ruining the legacy. They don’t want to take it on till they can completely dedicate their time to it.

We don’t know when Sherlock Season 5 will be on its way. But we know for sure that it’s not over yet. However, we are also not expecting Sherlock Season 5 to be back until the pandemic is over. As the lockdown and the health crisis has seriously hit the entertainment industry along with many. So until the time we hear something about the upcoming series, all we can do is rewatch and wait!

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