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Is Spinning Out Season 2 cancelled by Netflix?

Spinning Out is an American series, that premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2020, created by Samantha Stratton, Starring Kaya Scodelario, Willow Shields, Evan Roderick, David James Elliott and Sarah Wright Olsen. Kat Bakeris a high-level single skater who gives up skating after a disastrous fall took her off the competition track, but soon she bags an opportunity to continue her career as a pair skater with a talented male partner Justin, On and off the ice, Kat and her partner face injuries physically and mentally, financial sacrifices, mental breakdowns and unravelling lots of secrets on their way to realizing their Olympic dream. Filming at Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Ontario, Canada where most of the production of the series was done. The fans are eager to know if Kat and Justin made it to the nationals or not ?

Bad news for the fans of Spinning Out?

As the streamers have to evaluate factors like cost, viewership data, etc. while evaluating these things unfortunately it proved importunate for the show to continue. Since there is a lot of rage and requests coming from the fans on various social media platforms there are chances that Netflix might bring back the show for the fans! According to a report by IMDb “after getting lots of praise and tons of good reviews and creating a more extensive fan base, Netflix confirms that there will be season 2 of Spinning Out. Recently, the producer of the show cancelled out season 2. After knowing this, all the fans of Spinning Out started a campaign on Twitter. The demand for season 2 of the show is very high, so the producers and directors decided to give it a shot. There is no official announcement by any producer or director or Netflix of the show till now. But the sources told that there are chances that season 2 will come in late 2020 or early 2021.”


If the show comes back we expect to see the same actors and characters from Spinning Out season 1

Spinning Out' Cast: Who's Who in the Juicy Netflix Ice Skating Show |  Decider
  • Kaya Scodelario as Kat Baker
  • Willow Shields as Serena Baker, Kat’s younger half-sister
  • Evan Roderick as Justin Davis,
  • David James Elliott as James Davis, Justin’s father
  • Sarah Wright Olsen as Mandy Davis, Justin’s stepmother and James’ second wife
  • Svetlana Efremova as Dasha Fedorova, Justin and Kat’s coach
  • Amanda Zhou as Jenn Yu, Kat’s best friend
  • Mitchell Edwards as Marcus Holmes, Kat’s friend and co-worker
  • Kaitlyn Leeb as Leah Starnes, a new skater who was supposed to partner with Justin
  • Will Kemp as Mitch Saunders, Serena’s coach
  • January Jones as Carol Baker, Kat and Serena’s

Produced by Elizabeth Peterson and Derek S. Rappaport and created by Samantha Stratton

Reviews and Ratings

IMDb Rating :


Will There Be a Season 2 of Spinning Out? | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Rotten Tomatoes:

“Though at times more melodramatic than meaningful, Spinning Out‘s campy, guilty-pleasure exterior hides a surprisingly thoughtful exploration of living with a mental illness.” and rated 59% on Tomatometer and 91% by its user Audience.

Spoiler Alert!

If you haven’t finished watching Spinning Out Season 1, we advise you to stop reading any further as we have some spoilers ahead, explaining the finale episode of season 1

Spinning Out Season 1 ending on a close call: as we watch as Kat and Justin start their free skate. So we don’t know if the pair, have resolved their differences and reunited as lovers, and manage to do well enough to push ahead with their Olympic dreams. Now it seems that the makers have been saving for Spinning Out  Season 2.

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