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Israel PM’s wife breaches lockdown rules

The wife of Benjamin Netanyahu, who is the Prime Minister of Israel, disrupted the nation’s lockdown guidelines in the midst of a worldwide coronavirus pandemic as she called a hairdresser to their formal abode to have her hair cut, as per a recent report.

Hairdressers are not sanctioned as essential workers, and yet Sara Netanyahu got her hair cut by the hairdresser on Friday, a day before the Sukkot holiday.

Fine in Israel for breach

The law bids for charges of 500 new shekels — about $150 — for going in other person’s house, however that is typically imposed on the guest, not the home owner, as per the news site. It was uncertain as to whether Sara Netanyahu would be charged with the fine.

Sara’s side of the story

Sources, on behalf of her, said that she assumed the haircut was acceptable as it was for a look in an informational video, concurring to the report.

The prime minister was permitted to have his hair done because of his public presences, but his wife is not deemed to be a public entity.

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“Sara Netanyahu strictly adheres to the Health Ministry guidelines. During the lockdown she did not leave home and she manages her work routine as a child psychologist mainly through Zoom meetings and telephone calls,” the sources quoted.

“Before the Sukkot holiday, Mrs. Netanyahu filmed an informational video in the service of the public in which she called on everyone to wear masks. Since she is an influential public figure and this was an informational video in the service of the public, she assumed she was allowed to use the services of a hairdresser. Both she and the hairdresser wore masks and gloves, she even asked the barber to avoid conversation out of caution.”

In the clip, posted on Sara Netanyahu’s own Instagram profile, she pleas the public to garb masks and oblige to social-distancing norms.

Israel’s current coronavirus tally

Israel has been affected to a great extent owing to the pandemic. It has had the world’s gravest daily infection tallies per capita last week as it overhauled the US for the first time and preceded in global per-capita losses of life.

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The country is splintered by interim political clashes, perplexing instructions and with no public trust in the government. It seems to be unravelling further due to a second national lockdown as the country writhes to muddle through an increase in coronavirus cases and demises that, in relation to the extent of the population, are surrounded with the worst in the world.

New daily cases in the country have surpassed 9,000 lately.

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