Jasmin Bhasin is going to marry Aly Goni very soon

jasmin bhasin

Jasmin Bhasin a ex contestant of Bigg Boss 14. Jasmin Bhasin just said that she is waiting Aly Goni to come out of Bigg Boss 14 house because after that they both can get married. She also said that when Aly entered to the show that moment was the most happiest moment for her.

In the latest episode of Bigg Buzz on Voot Select, hosted by Karan Wahi, he welcomed Jasmin Bhasin. She recently from the show Bigg Boss 14. A clip of her went viral where she was saying about the people of the house.

jasmin bhasin

She said that Bigg Boss ke ghar mein sab against khel rahe hote hai ek dusre ke so they bring out the worst in you. Sabki koshish yehi hui (Bigg Boss brings out the worst in you because everyone is playing against you).”

In that she also said how happy she was when Aly came to the show, she said that “Aly aaya toh saans mai saans aane wali feeling aayi but at the same time agar Aly nahi hota, toh mai iss se kahi zyada ladaaku hoti (I was relieved when Aly entered the show. If he hadn’t been there, I would have gotten into more fights).”

jasmin bhasin

Talking about her feelings for Aly, Jasmin said, “Aur denial main nahi jeena mujhe. Jaise hee bahar agayega mai sab tayyar rahungi- aate hi shaadi (I don’t want to stay in denial anymore. Whenever he comes out of Bigg Boss, I will be ready for marriage).”

On the other hand Jasmin Bhasin also talked about the show who can win the show, she said that Eijaz Khan and Rubina has the capability that they can win the show easily.

jasmin bhasin

She said that Eijaz is very clever and intelligent and Rubina, a headstrong contender, who is clever, intelligent. About Rubina she also said that she knows how the manipulate other that too she does it very smartly.

Jasmin said, “Rubina ka dimag bahut tez chalta hai. Unko pata hai rishto ko kis tarah, kiske through kisko apni taraf modhna hai and hence she has strong chance of winning the show (Rubina has a very strong mind. She knows how to create bonds in the house).”

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