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Joe Biden calls on Trump to “Step Up”

Joe Biden
Vice President Joe Biden delivers remarks on Covid-19

President-elect Joe Biden held an impromptu press conference to address the nation and Donald Trump amid rising clashes on the Capitol

Washington: President-elect Joe Biden was set to be certified by the US House of Representatives today and discuss the future of the economy amid a pandemic when all of it came to a screeching halt. Around 2;30 pm on DC Time, Protesters who had poured in from all parts of the country to participate in the rally to stop alleged election fraud, when a few decided to storm the capitol, succeeding and eventually leading a sea of people to do the same.

Biden started his address saying, “I’ve been watching, we’ve all been watching, our democracy is under unprecedented assault unlike anything we’ve seen in modern time” the 78-year-old looking visually disturbed continued, ‘an assault on the citadel of democracy itself, an assault on the public representatives, capitol police, public servants and an assault on the rule of law like only few times we’ve ever seen”

Joe Biden: This is not Dissent. This is Disorder

The president elect condemned the attacks on the capital calling them a misrepresentation of America and that these ” cowardly” acts are not “Dissent but disorder”, even calling the trespassers “mobs” who have committed sedition. Joe Biden went on to talk about how important the words that come out of a president no matter how good or bad have value and huge weight. He then challenged Trump to go on national TV and ask his supporters to pull out of the capitol. He called on the president to fulfill his duty of upholding America’s democracy.

Donald Trump visited the rally in Washington shortly before the storming of the Capitol

Joe Biden also called that the breaking of windows, damaging the floors and firing in a federal building to simply be “An insurrection”

Rioters took over the US Capitol

Shortly after Biden’s address, Trump released a minute-long video to his Twitter account. In the video, Trump’s tone comes out as careless as he mentions alleged voter fraud, the whole reason for this event, while barely emphasizing his supporters to stand back. “You have to go home now, we have to have peace, we have to respect our great people in law and order”. He further twice pushed the same baseless conspiracy where the 2020 election was “Stolen” from Trump.

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