KGF Chapter 2: Release Date, Plot And Everything You Need To Know

KGF Chapter 2

After the massive success of KGF, we are all waiting for the release of KGF Chapter 2. KGF released on December 21, 2018, and it undoubtedly turned out to be a massive hit. So now its time to gear up for another instalment of the blockbuster.

KGF Chapter 2: Release Date

KGF Chapter 2

We have been eagerly awaiting the release of KGF Chapter 2 owing to the immense success of the first instalment. The second instalment of the film was finalized way back. Apart from that the makers had also revealed that the upcoming sequel would hit the screens on Ocyober 23, 2020.

But things took a turn when the pandemic outbreak occurred and the shoots had to be delayed. Thus the release date of KGF Chapter 2 was pushed back.

KGF Chapter 2

And not only the pandemic was the sole reason for the delay, but another primary reason was also the cancer diagnosis of Sanjay Dutt who plays the main antagonist in the upcoming movie. So both these reasons caused a massive delay in the filming of KGF Chapter 2.

But we fonally have a good news that the shooting has been resumed. Not only that we also have a final release date for the upcoming movie. Yes! KGF Chapter 2 is expected to release all across the country on January 14, 2021!

KGF Chapter 2: Plot

The credit for the success of KGF has to be given to the amazing plotline and of course the proper execution. We know that the story is about Rocky who comes to Bombay to fulfil some old promises.

All he wants in his life is to be powerful and successful. But life takes him to a different path when we join hand with a golf mafia gang. Within a very short time, he becomes the core member of the gang only to find out some dark secrets.

KGF Chapter 2

In KGF Chapter 2 we can expect Rocky to take a tough stern stand for all those workers who are being exploited in the gold mind. We know that the only way he can do that is by owing the throne of KGF. Therefore the upcoming instalment will make us witness Rocky facing everyone who wants to acquire the throne for power.

Certain questions need to be answered in the upcoming instalment.  And this includes why PM Ramika Sen issued a death warrant for Rocky? Will he survive or end up losing his life before achieving his goals?

We hope we get all our answers in the upcoming movie.

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