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“KonoSuba” Season 3: Has The Anime Been Renewed Yet?


Anime series “KonoSuba” has seen massive popularity since its debut. The first season hit the screens in 2016 followed by the second one in 2017. But now it has been three years since the audience is waiting for the third season to release.

“KonoSuba” Season 3: Renewal Status


As mentioned earlier the first and second season of this anime series were dropped back to back in 2016 and 2017 respectively. The plotline and execution in both the seasons were well received by the audience and the critics which made them eagerly await the release of “KonoSuba” Season 3.

But the complication that lies here is that after the release of the second instalment we have not heard anything about the third season from the makers or the production house. It also gave us an indication that the series might have been cancelled.

But looking at the brighter side we also know that “KonoSuba” light novel has plenty of volumes that are still left to be executed on screen. Thus there is still hope that the series might be renewed shortly.


Because for three years we have been left on a cliffhanger due to the confusing end to the previous season. So there are chances that the makers might consider renewing the series soon.

“KonoSuba” Season 3: Plot

An anime series exploring fantasy, death, supernatural powers and love, “KonoSuba” is well known for its extremely interesting plotline. Kazuma who always led a very lowkey life suddenly dies in an unfortunate incident.

But little did we know that his actual life will start after his death. Actually, he was lucky enough to meet a Goddess who revived him in another universe. But with that, he was also assigned with a task to fight and win victory over a devil.

So when he was teleported to his new world, he made two friends having supernatural power. Megumin and Darkness were his friends who also agreed to help him in his quest. But we saw that things did not go pretty well for them and after a few attempts to kill the devil, they decided not to go forward with the quest.


But Aqua would not let that happen and even the devil was not ready to negotiate. On the other hand, we saw love blooming between Kazuma and Megumin but the second season ended there without giving us any conclusion.

So another season is much needed to shed more light on their love story and also the fact that if they will ever defeat the devil king.

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