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“Love Alarm” Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Other Updates

"Love Alarm"

Netflix’s first original Korean drama “Love Alarm” has won millions of hearts with its first season. It first debuted in 2019 and left us eagerly anticipating for season 2.

“Love Alarm” Season 2: Release Date

"Love Alarm"

Korean dramas are something to die for because the storylines are always fascinating and too sweet for words. And “Love Alarm” is one such K drama series brought to us by Netflix.

After its debut in 2019, it was loved by millions and it became Netflix’s most popular K Drama series of the year. Thus the second season of this series was always inevitable. Because not only the plot has room for another season but also the fans were demanding Netflix to renew the season soon.

"Love Alarm"

So it was in October 2020 when “Love Alarm” Season 2 was officially confirmed by Netflix. Although at that time the OTT giant did not post anything regarding the release that because the production of the second season was in the initial phase. But now official sources have stated that the filming has begun.

The shoots are expected to wrap up by mid-2021. Therefore there are chances that the second season might be aired on Netflix by the end of 2021 if it is not delayed any further.

“Love Alarm” Season 2: Plot

A love application that introduces you to your soulmate but also brings on some issues in your love life, this is the major theme of this series. It basically involves an application which comes with an ability to find you a soulmate within a given radius.

Our three protagonists Jojo, Lee and Hwang are teenagers who get hold of the application. The female protagonist Jojo falls into a big dilemma because she finds out that both Lee and Hwang have fallen for her.

"Love Alarm"

She gets indecisive because she likes both of them and is confused about whom to choose. On the other hand, several secrets are associated with the developer of the application and Jojo. Because she has some extra privileges while using the application.

Because she only can see who has fallen for her but can’t make out whom she has fallen for. So “Love Alarm” Season 2 might finally tell us if Jojo could actually choose between both the boys. 

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