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Love Alarm Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and more!!

love alarm season 2
love alarm season 2

Love Alarm is a Netflix original romantic comedy series, adapted from the cartoon of the same name by writer Chon Kye-Young. This series is Netflix’s fourth complete “Korean Original” series, but Love Alarm is the first movie based on.

love alarm season 2
love alarm season 2 updates

“Love Alarm” debuted on August 22, 2019. The show is adapted from Chon Kye-young’s novel “Love Alarm”. Park Ji Young is the developer of this romantic teen drama. Each season of the show has different writers and directors. It completed a single season with 8 episodes. The original language is Korean. The first season attracted many fans. The story is about a simple drama without much complexity in the plot, so if you want to take a break and have fun, this is the right show.

Love Alarm Season 2 Expected Release Date

According to some reports, the release date of the Love Alarm Season 2 has been postponed, many K-Drama fans are very disappointed. It was expected the season “Love Alarm” will be available on Netflix on August 22, 2020. But we recently learned that the release date has been postponed to 2021. The cause of the delay has been determined to be the ongoing pandemic. Read Also Haikyuu!! Season 4 Part 2: Everything You Should Know

The cast of Love Alarm Season 2

love alarm season 2 cast
  • Kim So Hyun as Kim Jo-jo
  • Ram Zheng as Li Huiying
  • Song Sun Mi as Zheng Mi Mi
  • Shen Yiying Hera as Kim Jung-go
  • Shin Seung-ho as Il-sik
  • Jin Sien as Li Yuzhu
  • Jo Yoo-Jung as jo’s mother.
  • Jin Yongyu as Qiao Qiao’s grandmother
  • Song Geun Hee as Marx
  • Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh
  • Go Min-si as Park Gul-mi
  • Park Sung-Woon as the aunt of Jojo and Guwei’s mother.
  • Lee Jae Young as Zhang Degu
  • Cui Zhouyuan as Sun-oh

Love Alarm Season 2 Plot

At the end of the quarter, the Love Alarm app received its version 2.0 update. The app not only knows whether someone has romantic feelings for someone, but it can also now judge whether people within 10 meters like them. When the update was released, Jojo discovered that not only Lee Hye-Yeong loved her, but Hwang Sun-oh also loved her. When both boys were within the radius required to trigger the app, the Love Alarm app confirmed this. Qiao Qiao can now choose whether to return to Li Hui Hy’s feelings or choose to be with the handsome model Huang Shan Oh.

Love Alarm Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for love alarm season 2 isn’t released yet. But it is expected It’ll be out soon by early 2021.

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