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Love Alarm Season 2: What We Know So Far!!

Love Alarm Season 2

Love Alarm Season 2 is being eagerly awaited by the fans after the success of the first season. Love Alarm Season 1 was dropped in 2019 and earned great appreciation from the fans and the critics.

Love Alarm Season 2: Are We Getting Another Season?

Love Alarm Season 2

As mentioned earlier the first season of this Korean drama series premiered in 2019. And since then we have been waiting for another season. But has it been renewed?

Well, the series was already renewed by Netflix. And as per sources Love Alarm Season 2 was slated for release on August 2020. But things changed due to the sudden pandemic outbreak. As the production work came to a halt resulting in the postponement of the series. If sources are to be believed that the makers were completely ready with scripts.

And the shooting was just about to start when the pandemic kicked in. So now there are speculations that the shooting might start by early 2021. If that happens that we might get Love Alarm Season 2 either by the end of 2021 and early 2022.

Love Alarm Season 2: Expected Plotline

The story of this Korean romantic drama revolves around three teenagers Hwang Sun-Oh, Lee Hye-Yeong and Kim Jojo. Their life changes when they are introduced to an app called love alarm.

Love Alarm Season 2

This is a soulmate finder apps which tracks a person’s soulmate within 10 km radius. And the unique thing about this app is that it is directly connected to one’s heart and thus can detect lies. Things take a turn when Hwang and Lee Hye who are childhood friends are in love with the same girl Jojo.

In the previous season, we saw how Jojo is confused between Hwang and Lee Hye. Apart from that we also saw that the developer of the application gave Jojo a special shield and because of that, she cannot actually find out that her heart actually rings for whom.

Love Alarm Season 2

In Love Alarm Season 3 it will be interesting to see if Jojo can finally make a decision. Apart from that Jojo’s relation with the app developer might also be unveiled. There are speculations that an updated version of Love Alarm app with being shown in the upcoming season. 

Therefore Love Alarm Season 2 will come with a lot of revelation, romance and drama! Apart from that, it will also be interesting to see if Hwang and Lee Hye break their friendship or sacrifice their love owing to their strong bonding.

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